Bad Herrenalb on the crossroads of seven valleys, 30 km to the south of Karlsruhe. A designated spa town. Beside the centre, situated in the valley, the districts Bernbach, Rotensol and Neusatz are part of this town.

Although the residence city of Baden is not far away and there is even a tram going there, Bad Herrenalb has always been part of Wurttemberg. Thus, the Swabian tradition mixes up with the sociability of Baden and, being a spa town it allows accents of various regions of Germany to be heard. Bad Herrenalb at the same time is at the utmost corner of the district Calw, which has always been part of Wurttemberg but then was assigned to the administrative district of Karlsruhe.

Calw is our district town, which explains the letters CW on our licence plates. Calw is approximately 35 km away. You may visit the historic old town with half-timbered constructions and cozy little cafes. Calw also is the birth town of Hermann Hesse.

The name Rotensol comes from “red wallow” for which we have to thank the boars in our forests. The high plateau on which Rotensol is located is on 605 meters altitude, pretty flat, rich in forests, very warm but never humid. Beside countless sportive activities (i.e. tennis, horseback riding, cross-country, etc.) it is excellently suited for all kinds of walking-tours.

Nashira Kurpark Hotel LOCATION

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Nashira Kurpark Hotel LOCATION